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I'm back..

2017-01-29 17:16:09 by Craftycommander


So I have returned... as if anyone cared. To be honest, I got really discouraged and decided to lay off music for a while. I still ocassionally made music, but I didn't want to upload them to my Newgrounds. But if anyone listens to my songs and/or enjoys them, just know that I'll try to upload music more often. So here's my first uploaded song in a long time: Dancin' Techno Raven. Put a lot of effort in to making a good beat with a great rhythm in a fast-paced rave-like manner. Hope you enjoy!

My First Song: Break-Neck!

2016-07-05 04:05:03 by Craftycommander


I've posted my first song to my account: Break-Neck! It's a 2 minute and 11 second song that, to me, is the raving fast paced child of dubstep and electronic! Go check it out, since it's out... yeah!


I finally have made my Newgrounds account! I've been waiting for quite some time to do so, and now I have a place to upload music and art and anything really. It feels wonderful to join this community!